CMS - Manage your Site

CMS - Manage your Site

Like our clients, every website we build has unique characteristics and operational requirements. We couldn’t find a CMS that could fulfil these requirements, or whose operation we liked, so we created our own. This family of content management tools now drives all the websites we build, and has become a successful management tool in its own right. All our function modules, activity reports, and the complete order fulfilment process can be managed through this single browser based portal, enabling control of the website to be exercised securely from any web terminal. A User Management module enables our clients to carefully control who has access and authority over the website content, enabling them to confidently delegate responsibility for content while maintaining absolute control over what eventually gets published to the website.

We have developed three types of content management system:



Our base specification CMS, SM1 is a standard package which shares an identical platform with the more highly specified SM2 and SM3, so clients can start small but plan the future extension of their website to include any functionality they require. SM1 is a fully capable CMS in its own right, providing clients with total control over their website content.



SM2 is designed for large, information rich websites, and is configured to precisely fulfil the client's requirements in every respect, with detailed tailoring of our functionality suite. SM2 can be equipped with an exceptional range of features for sharing information, promoting events, managing news, sharing opinions, videos and pictures, as well as enabling the creation and management of web pages down to five or six layers of hierarchy.



SM3 builds on the strengths of SM2 but incorporates our powerful eCommerce platform. This powerful and superbly specified package enables our clients to develop sophisticated eCommerce operations, free from the constraints, compromise or expense normally associated with eCommerce systems. We can build fully PCI compliant systems, which our clients use to successfully and securely manage complex booking procedures, intricate online product specifications, and product ranges with millions of lines.