Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

The websites we create are distinctive, effective, reliable, and flexible.

We avoid lengthy specification documents - once our clients have established their aims we work closely with them to complete their project efficiently and effectively. We produce alternative designs and then get on with building the website, if necessary trying different approaches along the way until the client is absolutely happy that their website is doing what they wanted.

We build websites using appropriate scripts and CSS page code, rigorously checked for web standards compliance. We aim to achieve the highest accessibility as practically possible for each client’s needs.

Our Content Management Systems are incorporated into every website we build, so our clients have comprehensive control of their websites right from the start. And an extensive family of function modules enable our clients to extend and enhance their website capabilities, almost without limit, and still manage these functions from the same user-friendly control panel. These modules include:

  • Calendar events module
  • News management module / Gallery module
  • Video module
  • Blog modules
  • External contributor module
  • Social media integration
  • eNewsletter and mailing list integration and management
  • Multi-language capability
  • Detail report generation
  • Microsite module
  • Cataloging, archiving and auto-archiving
  • Operator Permissions Management