Inside line: 23 years as a Redwing employee

Need proof that Redwing's a great place to work? Look no further than Senior Web Designer, Robin Isaacs. Having studied in Bristol, he's been with the company for 23 years. Always up for a challenge, Rob's the first staff member to answer our Q&A. 


Redwing: How long have you been at Redwing and what’s it like living and working in Bristol?


Robin: Doing this Q&A has made me realise that I've been with Redwing since 1995! I’ve been fortunate to see the company grow and develop to where it is now. I studied in Bristol so I've always appreciated it as a creative hub and as we've grown we've moved offices a few times, which always highlighted the diversity in business and culture. Where we are now in the centre is great.


RW: What are the best things about life at Redwing?


Robin: Redwing’s broad range of clients has allowed me to explore a range of creative media in designing for print and web. I've always had quite a bit of autonomy and creative freedom too. But I can't fully answer this question without mentioning the office location again and the temptations of St Nicholas' market, which is a couple of minutes away and has so many great food options for lunch!


RW: How’s your role developed since you started?


Robin: The principles of designing brands hasn't changed much but the tools obviously have. Also, we weren’t using the internet in 1995, so that's the most obvious change for a business that now designs and builds websites, apps and eCommerce, eBooking and eLearning platforms! On a personal level, I'm constantly learning and the influx of new designers has meant that I've become a mentor and manager to some, which has been great.


RW: What’s been your favourite project so far?


Robin: A difficult one as there have literally been so many branding, packaging and digital design projects. We're talking cheeses, airshows, schools and colleges, monuments and landmarks, cathedrals and even the National Bank!


RW: And the most professionally rewarding, and why?


Robin: Whether at a local or national level, it's always great to work for prestigious companies and we continue to land a lot of work for high profile London-based clients as well as great companies closer to home. Given the competition in London, that's hugely rewarding from a company and personal perspective because it gives you that constant reminder that you're working at a top place.


RW: If Redwing could land your dream client who would it be, and why?


Robin: Being a sports fan I'd love the chance to do some work in that sector. It would be great to work for a local or national football team, or sports brand.


RW: Finally, what have you stopped doing to answer these questions?...


Robin: Work of course... I've been looking at some new bottle and can designs for a brewery. And while it's not yet time for a beer, it's about time for a cuppa!


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