Why good digital is still about people and relationships

Insight from Adrian Hart, MD Redwing


I find it reassuring that even in this digital age, running a good digital agency is still about people and personal relationships.


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and its publishing arm Pharm Press, was Redwing Interactive's very first client. Back in 2001 we won a five-way pitch to develop pharmpress.com and I'm happy to say they've been a client ever since.


That first website gave them an e-commerce platform - essentially an online bookstore. It is now in its fourth iteration and last year's technical upgrades made it fully responsive.


With two different markets to manage - the US and the UK/ rest of the world - they need to be able to manage two different pricing models, two different review systems and two different vocabulary lists, all of which is managed from the same Redwing content management system, which allows them to manage worldwide sales, mitigate against internet fraud and seamlessly integrate both with a third party order fulfilment system and with the RPS membership database, allowing members to access discounts.


I'd like to think our relationship with Pharm Press has continued to flourish because of how we work, as much as our ability to anticipate and deliver each new technical requirement they have had: from 2005 we have been managing their intensive e-newsletter campaign, which goes out in various forms to a number of different lists; in 2010 we launched their first e-learning platform, ontrackpharmacy.com, which proved highly successful for them and which we've continuously developed in scale and sophistication. 


Winning new clients is always hugely pleasing but equally important to me - perhaps even more important - is holding onto existing clients and building long-term relationships built on trust and understanding. Our relationship with RPS is a great example of this. 

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