'Doctor eLearn' conjurs new pioneering platforms

Dr Ese Stacey is a Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine who treats all musculoskeletal conditions ranging from sporting injuries to arthritis sharing her time between practices in London and Brighton. An authoritative voice in this specialist area, she has previously been clinical senior lecturer in Sports Medicine at the Academic Department of Sports Medicine at the Royal London Hospital, worked as team doctor for England Women's rugby and as medical delegate for the International Triathlon Union.


Redwing is currently working with Dr Ese to develop two exciting new eLearning plaforms. The first, ‘VIP Learning’, is a visual, intuitive and progressive (VIP) maths programme for children. The second, ‘Dr Ese Talks’, allows people to educate themselves about diet, the gut and related health issues. Here she takes the time to answer our questions and shed light on these latest innovations.


Redwing: In your industry, what is the most important thing in a digital platform?


Dr Ese Stacey: If you're working in education it goes without saying that a website or eLearning platform needs to provide all the information and resources that people need to learn. These days, with so much more information readily available and people's expectations rising around user experience, it also needs to be appealing, clear to navigate and easy to understand. Many educational websites are overcrowded and put people off. Learning needs to feel straight forward and not daunting.


RW: How has the requirement around digital eLearning platforms changed for you over the past 5-10 years?


Dr Ese: I have always been involved in online education but more than ever now the public expect it. As their level of sophistication rises in terms of using devices and accessing apps and platforms, we need to develop and evolve to challenge them and meet their needs.


These days people can quite easily keep themselves up to date simply using Google and reading online. It's possible - even likely - that not everything they read will be accurate or correct, even in the medical area, so I think it's important to create and curate authoritative content platforms that they can depend on and learn from in a reliable way. 


RW: So what are you developing now and how does a good digital agency help make those plans a reality?


Dr Ese: Having already provided online resources around GP learning, I've now asked Redwing to develop two new platforms for me. The first is ‘VIP Learning’, a platform that leads kids through a maths programme in a fun, intuitive and progressive way.


The second is ‘Dr Ese Talks’, which provides online videos and written content to guide people through the maze of information regarding food and health. I think both are exciting in their own way because we’re going to provide clear content that makes the subject matter easy and also fun to navigate.


In terms of who I work with to realise these projects, only professional outfits like Redwing can really deliver the kind of high quality bespoke technical platform I'm after. Off-the-shelf versions just don’t cut it when you want to provide people with sophisticated learning, testing and tailored resource sharing. In short, when you move away from an off-the-shelf product and work with a company like Redwing, you get what you ask for.

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