Innecto: A website to reflect our global client base

After launching Innecto’s re-designed and enhanced website, we spoke with the company’s Marketing Director Karen Thornley about their continued investment in digital and its importance to Innecto in staying ahead of the game in the Rewards Consultancy sector.


Redwing: Please can you explain in a nutshell what Innecto does? 


Karen Thornley: Innecto is the UK's largest independent pay and reward consultancy. Our Innecto clients range from large multi-nationals through to dynamic, high-growth SMEs. We provide creative and commercially-focused solutions to get their pay and reward working harder, with a view to helping them attract and retain the best personnel on the market.


Redwing: How has your requirement for digital changed over the past 5-10 years? 


KT: The demand from clients for digital capabilities has grown exponentially and digital solutions now form a significant part of our business offering. Aside from our new website, we currently have three market-leading digital tools which help clients in three specific areas: reducing manual processes, leveraging data analytics and providing insights to their wider business. We also see a strong digital presence as vital for keeping up with the competition - in our case the Big 4 accountancy practices and global consulting firms. Technological capabilities are not a 'nice to have' in what we do, they are an essential investment and constantly underpin our ability to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.


Redwing: Talk us through the thought processes around the recent website upgrade.


KT: Our last website was built in 2013 and, while still perfectly functional, it no longer represented our standing within the market or our high-profile, global client base. We wanted to reflect a more grown-up image without going too 'big corporate' and losing sight of the passion, flexibility and dedication which marks us out.


Redwing: How pleased have you been with the relaunch and how does it benefit your clients? 


KT: We've been delighted and have had lots of great feedback from the Innecto team, as well as current and potential clients. By reinforcing our credibility and the value we bring, the new website helps clients feel confident in Innecto as their expert reward partner and happy to promote the relationship to non-HR parts of their business.


Redwing: What do you see as the role of a good digital agency?


KT: A good digital agency should innovate, challenge and support. They should be able to communicate the best of your business to your audience and build on your aspirations. I had worked with Redwing in a previous role so I trusted them to do an outstanding job and they have definitely delivered. The team has gone above and beyond to make this website exceptional - it's ambitious, visually striking and feels very true to Innecto's unique brand.


Redwing: What are the next steps for developing Innecto's online presence?


KT: We plan to expand our Innecto Digital offering over the next few years to enhance our core consultancy services. From a marketing perspective, we may also add some interactive elements to the website to engage with visitors in an even more dynamic way. 

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