App proves a hit with Edgbaston High School parents

Having provided Edgbaston High School for Girls with work around their brand, print prospectus and website re-design, six months ago  we worked with the school to extend its digital presence with the launch of a first app. Geared towards helping parents access school information and interact quicker and easier with the school, the app has proved a great success and we spoke with Annelle Rowlands, the school's Head of Marketing & Development.


Redwing: How happy are you with the app now that it's launched?


Annelle Rowlands: We're really happy with the app - it's an enhancement of the school's website and even easier for busy parents to access. It's also an extension of our brand and we're very happy both with how it looks and the ease of use. The functionality is great and it's easy to maintain via our existing website content management system.


RW: As a school app, what is it being used for most? 


AR: Parents using the app are finding it very helpful and convenient to have information at their fingertips, especially for calendar dates. At this time of year parents are planning summer holidays, and for the year ahead too. They're also finding it a good way to stay up to date with all of the school's news, rather than being solely reliant on our ‘Friday Headlines’ e-newsletter. 


RW: How has the app improved information flow between the school and parents? 


AR: Parents are using the app to report absences rather than trying to get through on the switchboard at busy times such as at the start and end of the school day. This is convenient for them but also a great way to relieve the pressure on Reception Staff who are always very busy. They also find the email links to school useful and simply having all of the school's important dates, events and trips in the palm of their hand, rather than relying on their daughters to remember them all!


RW: What are the next steps for the app?


AR: We'd like to keep evolving it inline with parental feedback, so we'll be promoting it to all new parents at the start of the Autumn Term. Now that they've been using it for six months or so, we're also due to ask all parents what else they'd like to see in the app ahead of the Autumn term, so we can make any enhancements.


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