By Richard Greenhalgh, Redwing Development Director


All of our summer and language school clients faced very similar problems when we first started talking with them – their initial success soon turned into a challenge as the administrative burden of managing the increase in bookings grew proportionately. Disconnected spreadsheets, labour-intensive data entry processes, inaccurate data leading to numerous chaser calls to customers, as well as real challenges around invoicing and matching payments against bookings – all of this created time-consuming and costly extra work and didn’t provide the greatest customer experience.


Based on our expert knowledge of language and summer schools’ booking processes, we built Resirva to make it far easier for applicants to book and much easier for the school to manage. With Resirva it’s possible to administer an entire enrolment simply by clicking ‘accept’ when prompted – everything else is then managed for you.


Resirva's two-stage booking process


Stage one - Applicants (students, parents or agents) choose their courses and are asked to submit their basic information. Because the applicant enters the data, you know it's accurate, which saves a lot of time and avoids data entry and chaser phone calls. Resirva also automatically checks the applicant’s data against criteria set by the school for each course (age, nationality, gender, standard of English) and sends automatic recommendations to the school, which simply accepts or declines the application. Declined applicants are notified automatically. Successful applicants are invited to the next stage of enrolment, safe in the knowledge that their place is reserved.


Stage two - Applicants complete additional information online and finalise their course, accommodation and transfer choices. Resirva prompts them by email until all details are complete. Payments are made simply, quickly and securely online and the money is transferred directly to the school's bank account, including for complex multiple bookings, and agent discounts can be applied automatically. Resirva reminds applicants when and how much they need to pay. It even generates and sends visa and border documentation as well as reminders until complete. And for those unable to apply online, it can also handle paper-based applications.


Running your courses


Once the registration stage is complete, Resirva helps you to run classes more efficiently. It can produce airport transport lists with photo ID, class registers, identity cards, accommodation details and certificates. These are all generated automatically, saving you time and ensuring accurate data for class teachers and administration staff.


The eBooking content management system gives you complete control over all of your content and reporting. You can train staff easily and grant different permission levels, set up standard and customised reports (course booking status, travel and transfer lists, class registers, payment details, financial reports for example) and have as many administrative users as you need at no extra cost. And because all of this is browser-based and responsive you can access Resirva at school, at home or on the move on any device.


Resirva transforms things for applicants too. They can browse, choose or book from any of their devices at any time, and because Resirva manages bookings in real-time there’s never a danger of overbooking a class.


With flexible payment options, Resirva is affordable for all sizes of language and summer school. The up-front cost is typically spread across 12-24 months and an ongoing support and hosting fee provides access to our outstanding customer support team.


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