Season’s greetings from Redwing

From MD, Adrian Hart


2018 has been a great year for everyone at Redwing and I wanted to put ‘pen to paper’ to wish everyone, including all of our clients, a wonderful festive season.


This year we’ve grown our team on the back of some big wins but, as ever, I’m almost more happy that we continue to provide new and additional services for so many of our long-term clients.


Our staff deserve huge credit for that and I want to thank them for all their hard work, which is hugely varied and often very challenging. For example, we’ve been working all year on an e-learning platform for one of the country’s biggest scientific institutions – more on that in 2019 – while also building two more sophisticated e-learning initiatives: one for children with Down’s Syndrome and another around adult dietary education.


It’s also been a big year for our e-booking platform for Summer Schools and Language Schools, Resirva. We’ve attended more conferences and get-togethers than ever before, which has allowed us to speak with literally hundreds of schools and learn about their specific needs when it comes to switching from a traditional phone call and paper-based solution to online. It’s very clear that no one school is the same, and therefore no one solution can be the same and my favourite moment is when the light bulb goes on and you can see someone realise just how much time and effort the e-booking system is going to save them.


Our bespoke e-commerce platforms have also continued to deliver, and interestingly are often going far beyond the simple act of allowing people to buy online. In the past couple of years e-commerce and e-ticketing solutions we've built have helped an air show manage its traffic flow by post code, universities free up crucial campus space for classrooms and a drinks wholesaler service bars around the clock. 


If you think your business could benefit from a digital overhaul in 2019 featuring e-commerce, e-booking or e-learning but you’re not sure how that might look or how much it might cost, please get in touch. But it’s probably now worth leaving it until early in the new year!


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