The hidden benefits of a smart digital solution

Read how our e-ticketing solution also manages traffic for one of the UK’s biggest events and how our solutions in e-commerce are reaching far beyond their original remit. 


Car Parking by post code


Spoiler alert: the Royal International Air Tattoo's website gives out lots of information and sells lots of tickets. But that's not all it does. In reality, the e-ticketing solution is also an e-marketing machine that allows the event organisers to manage many things: tickets, access, upgrades, car parks, bus rides and so on. The system also has the intelligence to analyse live sales, and make dynamic changes to satisfy demand during sales phases if desired. 


With 100% of tickets now sold online, the system also allows the organisers to manage traffic flow. Cars are now directed to specific car parks based on the buyer’s post code, rather than the previous, chaotic car parking lottery. It's an added benefit that has revolutionised the running of the event and significantly enhanced the experience for every visitor.


Freeing up valuable real estate


John Smith supply books and many other items to tens of thousands of students on campuses across the UK. Integrated with this, they work with universities to offer a digital bursary management system tracking what students are spending their money on, when and how. When building this bespoke system, we also fully integrated with John Smith’s in-house IT, finance, sales and stock reporting systems so that every order placed is truly dynamic, integrating in real time with their third party suppliers' stock levels and John Smith's own sales back office system. 


The system has changed things for participating universities in a number of key ways: Firstly, they can close physical shops on campus to free up valuable real estate to build more classrooms, catering blocks and accommodation. Just as important, our system arms them with valuable evidence. Now that they’re charging £9,250 a year per student, each university must tell the Office for Fair Access how much of that money is going back to the student. Our Aspire system enables them to say exactly how much they're giving back to their students, and also what the money is being spent on.


Nectar's sweet customer experience


The south’s biggest trade drinks supplier Nectar asked us to build their first website and online booking system. The solution allows their clients to explore thousands of drinks lines and securely place regular and new orders. 


The online ordering section is by far the most-used part of the website and has allowed Nectar to enhance its customer service. Firstly, it gives them a constant, accessible presence for their clients, which is crucial in an industry that runs on the polar opposite of a 9 to 5 culture. Customers can check new lines, find information and place new orders literally around the clock. By integrating the web offering with Nectar's e-news, they're also able to quickly communicate latest news, changes or offers to their clients, which in turn drives traffic back to the website.


Big solutions for global sales


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and its publishing arm Pharm Press was Redwing's first client. Years ago we won a five-way pitch to develop and they've been a client ever since. 


That first website gave them an e-commerce platform - essentially an online bookstore - and a very clever one at that: with two different markets to manage, in the US and the UK/ rest of the world, the system can manage two different pricing models, two different review systems and two different vocabulary lists, all managed from the same central Redwing content management system. That, in turn, allows them to manage worldwide sales, mitigate against internet fraud and seamlessly integrate both with a third party order fulfilment system and with the RPS membership database, allowing members to access discounts and other benefits.


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