Building e-learning platforms that deliver

By Adrian Hart, MD Redwing


In my last couple of blogs I’ve talked about eTicketing and eCommerce solutions, and this time I want to focus on another of Redwing's key strengths, eLearning.


We’re all constantly learning but increasingly there's a requirement for professional learning to be carried out on a more formal footing.


For nearly 10 years, Redwing has been building eLearning platforms that allow students and practicing professionals to renew, revise and retest their knowledge on an ongoing basis. So how do we deliver successful eLearning platforms? 


1. Planning


In 2008 the Royal Pharmaceutical Society asked us to start thinking about how we could help them provide an online tool to assist pre-registration pharmacists prepare for their pre-registration exams. We entered a detailed planning dialogue with the client and devised a website which simulated the structure and question format of the exam, including open book questions, closed book questions and calculations. The structure of the exam was perfectly simulated.


We’ve continued to develop and improve the functionality, for example using results analysis to track students' and practitioners' performance trends in key areas (crucial knowledge for the sector), helping the client to identify appropriate resources to address particular areas of weakness.


2. Re-interpreting content


E-learning enables the educational value of content to be significantly enhanced, so being able to digest and understand content in a creative way is crucial, specifically the ability to interpret and categorise flat content to create dynamic 'learning objects', as we call them. Only by approaching an e-learning project in this way, with an open mind, can you maximise the number, variety and difficulty of learning modules and exams.


In 2011 we created an online diagnostic resource for vets which converted a series of Manson Publishing’s veterinary books into hundreds of these 'learning objects'. We did this by creating a complete taxonomy, categorising and tagging the content which enabled students to create virtual workbooks which precisely fulfilled the requirements of their own area of veterinary specialism.


3. Creating an agile platform


eLearning is constantly evolving and the scope of required capability is always expanding, so our challenge is to build platforms flexible enough to cater for this constant demand for new content.


Doctors are busy people and since 2014 have been required to carry out annual appraisal and re-validation activities. In 2013 our client Red Whale approached us with a requirement to extend their GP Update course with an online learning resource. Armed with a body of content and a set of objectives, we created GPCPD


Launched in 2014, GPCPD is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) platform that gives GPs nationwide the online material and tests they need to quickly and easily ensure that they’re constantly up to speed with all the latest developments in general practice. 


We're continually developing our eLearning capabilities for these and other clients.

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