Why Brewery owner chose bespoke over off-the shelf

As a small business owner, Martin Strawbridge knew deep down that Downton Brewery needed a new website, but the process was overwhelming.


Everyone I’d spoken to with regards to setting up a website had said ‘It’s easy, just do it on Wordpress or Shopify’. But I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t have the technical ability or the time. I wanted someone to do it for me properly,” he said.


Strawbridge wanted both a website and an online shop, and was already going through the process of rebranding the business with Redwing.


“When I started looking at other websites, the businesses who’d used an off-the-shelf online shop all seemed to look the same. And then there were others who had obviously invested a bit more time, thought and possibly money, but got something that did exactly what they wanted it to do, and had far more of a quality finish.


“I thought, if we’re spending money on doing this, and we’re out-sourcing it, we may as well out-source it to someone who’s going to do the whole lot. The website, the integrated online shop, the branding. It all came together with Redwing.”


There was a lot of trust, communication was great


Rather than needing to take a leap of faith, and hoping it would come together, the Brewery owner of 15 years felt secure in his decision.


“I wanted to go with a company like Redwing and know that they have a team of people. Rather than getting an individual to do it and then have a problem when something needs changing, or there’s an issue, and find out they’re on holiday for two weeks.


“It was the full package that we wanted and with the continuity of having also done the re-brand, Redwing were ideal.


“There was a lot of trust, communication was great. They just got on and delivered it with occasional input from us, which was perfect because we were so busy. That was a real saving grace.”


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