Proud to win top clients, prouder to keep them

Insight from Adrian Hart, MD Redwing


In the past, I've tended to steer clear of networking groups on the basis that we've been too busy and I've not been convinced we'd really gain anything from the time invested. Every now and then, though, something clicks and in our experience the wonderful people at Circle2Success have created something different, highly professional and, above all, useful. We have made some very good contacts through C2S and their own website allows us to promote ourselves in a way that seems to make sense.


They also recently invited me to feature in their newsletter and to highlight some of Redwing's USPs as a digital agency, which inevitably led to some deep thinking about our clients and what we've done for them. In the end I decided to focus not so much on the work but on the longevity of our client relationships, which I think speaks volumes about the work and how it's received. 


I worked out that our average client relationship spans 10 years, with some who have been with us for almost 18 years. This is unusual for any design or web agency, where you’d expect a typical tenure to last three to five years, so I rang round a few clients to ask them why this might be. The gist of their response was that Redwing are excellent problem solvers who really understand our clients’ business objectives and do everything possible to help achieve them.


Since we started the business, we’ve been fortunate to create brands and build websites for a broad spectrum of organisations, from national institutions like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, to innovative start-ups and large SMEs, and the client feedback was reassuringly consistent across the board. 


I don’t have a classic marketing or digital agency background, which is perhaps why Redwing is quite different in its ethos from many others. We’ve evolved the business over the years and now have a close-knit team of project managers, developers and designers who work intuitively with each other and with a large degree of autonomy to create brands and websites which do exactly what our clients need them to do – create awareness and drive value through their on- and offline activity.


Do you have what it takes?


We’re also growing rapidly at the moment and are looking for talented people to add to our team in the centre of Bristol so if you think you have what it takes please get in touch. We're also always interested in learning lessons from others and are looking forward to meeting fellow Circle2Success members over the forthcoming months.

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