Creative Web Engineering: Redwing revitalised

Insight from Richard Greenhalgh, Redwing Development Director


It’s now just over two years since we moved into our lovely new office at 14 Small Street, right in the heart of Bristol, which you can now see on our home page.


Whilst we remind our clients that their websites need to evolve constantly to remain relevant and fresh, we took our own eyes off the ball and didn’t practise what we preached. But no longer! We’ve now relaunched Redwing’s website with a very different look and feel to showcase our work and demonstrate how we help our clients. It’s remarkable how often people say ‘If I’d known you did that I’d have asked you to help’, which is why we’ve included our sister company Redwing Design on the site.


Our headline ‘Creative Web Engineering’ sums up what we do best – building websites that look fantastic but which - through very clever and robustly built logic - deliver complex solutions which are also easy to use and very reliable. Over the last year or so I’ve spoken with a wide range of clients to get their views on what makes Redwing different and the feedback was pretty much unanimous – ‘excellent problem solvers, often for problems you didn’t even realise you had’. We’re also excited to add new capabilities to the team and can now offer apps and content & social media management to our clients, as well as our core strengths of complex online ticketing, booking and eLearning solutions.


As ever, it’s much harder building your own website than it is creating someone else’s so any feedback you can give would be much appreciated.  And, as you can see from this first blog, we’ve finally got our act together on our own social media so you’ll also be able to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram too.


The biggest challenge our clients have when visiting is deciding which of the huge variety of foods on offer at St Nicholas’ Market to sample – a legendary Grillstock pulled pork burger, delicious Japanese gyoza, a wide range of Mediterranean delights or, for the brave and foolhardy, perhaps a Mothership from the Pie Minister. Please come and see us, we’d be delighted to take you on the gastronomic tour of your choice.

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