what is resirva?

resirva moves your school's entire application and enrolment process online.

resirva makes it quick and easy for applicants to browse, choose and apply for courses.

It dramatically reduces your administrative workload.

Using resirva, it usually takes just one click to accept an enrolment.

Your entire language or summer school - from course details to accommodation - is set up in resirva.

resirva can sit alongside your own website. Or better still, be fully integrated in a bespoke website.

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the resirva booking process

To make application and enrolment as quick and simple as possible,
resirva splits the process into two stages.

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stage one

Applicants - students, parents or agents - choose their courses and are asked to submit the basic information you need to accept or reject their application. They can do this from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile - from anywhere in the world.

Because the applicant has entered the data, you know that their details are accurate. You'll save a lot of time - there's no need to enter data yourself or make numerous telephone calls to clarify details. So the quality, accessibility and accuracy of your data is also greatly improved.

resirva automatically checks each applicant's data against criteria set by you for each course, such as age, nationality, gender and standard of English. You'll receive automatic recommendations from resirva - all you need to do is accept or decline the application, resirva can do everything else for you.

Successful applicants are automatically emailed and invited to complete the next stage of enrolment, confident that a place is reserved for them.

Declined applicants are also notified automatically.

stage two

Successful applicants submit all of the additional information required to enrol online and finalise their course, accommodation and transfer choices. Applicants are automatically prompted by email until all details are complete.

resirva also reminds applicants when and how much they need to pay - a deposit, the balance or the full amount.

Payments are made simply, quickly and securely via online payment gateway - the money is transferred directly to your bank account. There's no need to raise an invoice, though you do have this option.

Agents have their own log in and their discounts are applied automatically.

resirva generates and sends all visa, travel and similar documentation to the applicant and sends reminders throughout the enrolment process until it is completed.


key benefits at a glance

  • Any number of users at no extra cost
  • Real-time booking ensures no over-booking or bottlenecks
  • Reduced paperwork - no invoicing or paper applications needed
  • Accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device wherever you are
  • Automatic creation of correct student class profiles based on criteria set by you
  • Automation of almost all enrolment administrative tasks reducing workload dramatically
  • 'One click' application and enrolment acceptance
  • Improved data quality reduces follow up queries dramatically
  • Drastically reduces the number of follow up telephone calls and emails
  • Full control over and easy management of all your website and course content
  • Improved customer experience for applicants and agents increasing conversion rate
  • Payments allocated against applications automatically - no need to match back to bookings and invoices
  • Improved data security ensuring simpler GDPR compliance
  • Quick and simple income reconciliations for the finance team
  • Payments transferred directly to your account - no need to bank cheques
  • Automated reports facilitate management of classes, administration and finance
  • Automated email communications to applicants saving time and ensuring accuracy


running your school's courses

resirva helps you run your classes more efficiently. It can produce airport transport lists with photo ID, class registers, identity cards, accommodation details and certificates. These are all generated automatically, saving you time and ensuring accurate data for class teachers and administration staff.


content control and reporting at your fingertips

resirva's website content management system gives you complete control over all of your online content. Website images, courses and other details can all be managed simply and quickly. It's so intuitive to use that it takes less than a day to train your staff. Different permission levels can be set for your team members to ensure confidentiality.

The powerful resirva database enables you to set up standard and customised reports: course booking status; travel and transfer lists; class registers; payment details and financial reports. It also makes financial reconciliation quick and simple with no need to match part or full payment against invoices.

resirva can also handle offline applications for those who need to apply by phone, post or in person. resirva ensures that the data you use is as complete and accurate as possible.

access wherever you are

resirva is browser-based which means you can access it from your school, your home or on the move by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

It's easy for applicants too - they can browse, choose or book from any of their devices at any time. And because resirva manages bookings in real-time there's no danger of overbooking a class.


pricing and options

With resirva you can have as many administrative users as you need at no extra cost - there's no charge 'per seat'.

resirva is available in three versions:


All of the key functionality you need to manage your bookings online quickly and easily. resirva is accessed from a link on your existing website.

resirva core

All of resirva's functionality together with a new, fully integrated resirva website.

resirva custom

resirva can be customised to meet your school's exact needs.

Flexible payment options make resirva affordable for all sizes of language and summer school. The up-front cost is typically spread across 6-24 months with an ongoing support and hosting fee once live, which provides access to our outstanding customer support team.


the resirva route map


stage one

resirva brings students to you through a logical step-by-step process. resirva does most of the repetitive administration work.
Applicants provide the facts and you make the decisions.



To find out how resirva can save you time, resources and money and help you grow your school,
please email us at or call us on 0117 910 5820.

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