New website launched for Resirva

We're hugely excited to launch the new website for Resirva, Redwing's revolutionary solution for language and summer school enrolment, reporting and financial insight.


There are four key reasons why Resirva is allowing language and summer schools to improve the way they operate and here they are:




Even when your school is closed, Resirva allows for 24-hour enrolment, all over the world. This brings multiple benefits for students, administrators and agents. ENROLMENT BENEFITS >>




Resirva manages courses and payments, automates communications and allows 24/7 accessibility in a digital world. ADMIN BENFITS >>




Resirva allows you to access real-time data, which in turn allows you to adapt your offering and see how courses are selling. The system also allows you to access standard reports, and create your own customised settings. HOW REPORTING WORKS >>


Budget flexibility


We recognise that 'one size' doesn't suit everyone, so Resirva comes in four versions: Resirva Standard, Resirva Bespoke, Resirva Plus Standard and Resirva Plus Bespoke. They all provide revolutionary solutions, with varying degrees of tailoring to meet your precise needs and integration with your own website and digital platforms. OPTIONS >>


Thanks to two of our first Resirva clients, Marlborough College and St Edmunds College, for providing such glowing tributes - read more about Marlborough using Resirva and St Edmunds in our insight posts.


To learn how Resirva can revolutionise your business, click for a FREE DEMO >>

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